This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website you agree to our cookie policy. As the outbreak of World War II edged closer in , the British merchant fleet remained the largest in the world, employing some , men and women. This number made up around one third of the entire global merchant fleet at the time, with many of the seamen coming from all over the Empire, including India, Hong Kong and West Africa. After the declaration of war in September , the Ministry of Shipping — then under the control of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir John Gilmour — took control of the merchant fleet. It was the job of the Ministry to decide what cargo the ships would carry and the function they would fulfil in order to best support the war effort, while crewing and provisioning remained under the jurisdiction of the shipping industry. Particular emphasis was put on implementing the convoy system, by which warships would customarily escort groups of merchant ships to deter attacks from German U-boats. After the outbreak of war, Germany declared that every vessel of the British mercantile marine was to be regarded as a warship, meaning that the sailors of the Merchant Navy faced tremendous risks. Tragically, 30, merchant seamen lost their lives during World War Two, a death rate proportionally higher than in any of the armed forces.

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A total of 12, men and women served in Canada’s Merchant Navy. More than 25, merchant ship voyages were made during the war.

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The Tower Hill memorial in London commemorates the men from the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets who have no known grave and died during the two world wars. The memorial can be found close to the Tower of London on the south side of Trinity Square. The men who died during the WW1 are listed in the covered, vaulted corridor. The men who died during WW2 are listed on bronze panels in a sunken garden.

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Poems About the Merchant Marine. Also see: Prayers and Memorial Service for Mariners. Advice on Going to Sea , Robert Goodwin. Cargoes , Marjorie Dent Candee. Convoy , Author unknown. Crossing the bar , Alfred Tennyson. Forgotten Heroes , Milton E. God and soldiers , Author unknown.

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A sailor, seaman, mariner or a seafarer is a person who navigates water bone vessels or assists as a crew member in their operation and maintenance. Seafarer holds a variety of ranks and professions, each of which carries unique responsibilities which are integral to the successful operation of an ocean-going vessel. Other than this saloon staff will comprise of Chief Cook and General Stewart but the number and rank of crew members serving on a ship will vary according to the size of the vessel, trade area of the vessel, Minimum Safe Manning certificate, administration etc.

The taxability of salary received by a seafarer is based on the residential status of the seafarer. The salary received by a resident seafarer will be taxable as per the laws of the Income-tax department. No special exemption is available.

The men who died during WW2 are listed on bronze panels in a sunken garden. It contains the names of those members of the Merchant Navy and Fishing as Name, Rank, Ship, Date of death, Age and brief family details, where known.

Merchant Navy officers deal with the hands-on challenges of engineering and navigation while sailing the seas, putting their specialised skills to good use. The Merchant Navy is the collective name for the UK’s commercial shipping industry. However, it’s actually composed of individual companies who are responsible for their own recruitment and training.

As a Merchant Navy officer, you’ll be employed on the many types of vessels that make up the UK commercial shipping industry. These include:. Officers usually work in either the deck or engineering department and your role will primarily be as a leader and manager, although you’ll still be expected to perform practical tasks with your colleagues. The larger the ship, the more managerial your role is likely to be. The role of electro-technical officer ETO is fairly new and may be merged with the engineering officer’s job on some vessels.

However, you’ll typically need to maintain the electronic and electrical equipment on board, making the ship’s safety and efficiency your priority. All officers will need to undertake essential administration, including budgets, accounts and records of stock, cargo and passengers, as well as manage the work of ratings and provide training and support for officer trainees.

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Not only are they both wives of officers in the Merchant Navy, they also happen to be sisters-in-law, married to brothers Alex and William who.

A merchant navy or merchant marine or mercantile marine [1] is the fleet of merchant vessels that are registered in a specific country. On merchant vessels, seafarers of various ranks and sometimes members of maritime trade unions are required by the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers STCW [2] to carry Merchant Mariner’s Documents. King George V bestowed the title of the “Merchant Navy” on the British merchant shipping fleets following their service in the First World War ; since then a number of other nations have also adopted use of that title or the similar “Merchant Marine”.

The following is a partial list of the merchant navies or merchant marines of various countries. In many countries the fleet’s proper name is simply the capitalized version of the common noun “Merchant Navy”. The British Merchant Navy comprises the British merchant ships that transport cargo and people during times of peace and war. For much of its history, the merchant navy was the largest merchant fleet in the world, but with the decline of the British Empire in the midth century it slipped down the rankings.

This includes ships either UK directly owned, parent owned or managed by a British company. British shipping is represented nationally and globally by the UK Chamber of Shipping. Canada , like several other Commonwealth nations, created its own merchant navy in a large-scale effort in World War II. Established in , the Canadian Merchant Navy played a major role in the Battle of the Atlantic bolstering the Allies’ merchant fleet due to high losses in the British Merchant Navy.

Eventually thousands of Canadians served in the merchant navy aboard hundreds of Canadian merchant ships, notably the ” Park Ship “, the Canadian equivalent of the American ” Liberty Ship “. A school at St.

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It is not a separate unit in the hospital – patients are treated in whatever ward or facility is best suited to their needs. Referrals come into the administration office. Prospective patients are sent a form which asks whether their treatment is urgent or routine, and when the patient is available for an appointment. This is very important as seafarers are often away at sea and are unable to cancel appointments.

This is a guide to some of the earliest records of individual merchant seamen, departments or courts that may have had an interest in Merchant Navy affairs, Click on BT 98 to search by date and name of British port where the ship was.

I mean, you totally had a moment there, right? Carrying all that ancient seafaring knowledge around with them, sailors are invariably wicked smart and can teach you things about currents and tides and maritime regulations that will leave your head spinning. But they are also chronically overworked and under appreciated, so sailors can develop a chip on their shoulder the size of the QE2 …then take it out on you.

The Galapagos? Sri Lanka? However, you may find the bacchanal ending abruptly when he flips the dinghy trying to get back to the boat at 4am after one too many Windhoeks. What do you do with a drunken sailor , indeed? Turns out there are more girls than you might think willing to spend their evenings huddled in front of marinetraffic. Still, be prepared for sloppy eating habits, rude sounds emanating from various orifices, and sea chests stuffed with pornography.

But when you — or your body, or your sexual habits — are the target of the joke, as they inevitably will be, they tend to get a lot less funny very, very quickly. Even if they do manage to save up enough money to buy their own boat as all sailors are trying to do chances are it will be a rotting hunk of junk, because boats are expensive to maintain.

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Confessions of a Merchant Navy Officer. “A few hours on shore just doesn’t give you enough time to seduce a girl. This is a chauvinistic.

View from R. This publication is available upon request in alternate formats. PDF Version. The achievements and sacrifices of Canadians during the Second World War were great and covered a broad spectrum of efforts. Wartime was often a time of great danger, but the danger was not faced only by those in military uniform. Those who served in Canada’s Merchant Navy, our country’s fleet of transport ships that carried desperately needed equipment, fuel, goods, and personnel to Europe and around the world, had to do their vital job knowing that their ships were prime targets for enemy action.

Most of those who served in the Merchant Navy would find themselves as participants in the Battle of the Atlantic, the struggle between the Allies and the Germans for control of the Atlantic Ocean.

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